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- Box Build
- System Assembly
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- PCB Assembly
- Surface Mount
- Through Hole
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- Re-Work and Repair

CME-11E9-EVBU - Single Chip & Expanded mode development system for the MC68HC11E9. 32K SRAM, 8K EEPROM

The CME-11E9-EVBU is a low cost, entry level development package designed to provide similar features of the Motorola EVBU. The board provides MC68HC11E9 Single Chip and Expanded Mode operation with the Buffalo Monitor version 3.4 in the internal Eprom. Application development is quick and easy with the included DB9 serial cable, DOS and Win95/98 Utility Software, Wall-plug Power Supply, manuals and assembler / compiler. Small applications for Single Chip operation can be installed in the internal eeprom (512 Bytes, see CMD711EX for full support) and larger Expanded Bus operation applications can be installed in the external 8K Byte EEprom for dedicated operation. No prom programmer or special voltages required. Additional features provide 68HC711E9 Eprom programming capability, wireless prototype area, EVBU compatible I/O port connector, LCD module port (expanded bus), keypad port (I/O lines) and 32K byte static Ram for program debug or user data.
• MC68HC11E9 CPU
• 512 Byte RAM and EEPROM
• 16 BIT Timer with 3/4 Capture, 4/5 Compare
• Pulse Counter, 8bit
• 8 Channel 8 BIT A/D
• SPI Serial Port
• SCI Serial Port
• One Serial Port w/ RS232 DB9 Connector, COM1 HC11 SCI Port
• Three I/O Ports (Expanded Mode)
• Port A - 3 in, 3 out, 2 I/O (Timers)
• Port D - 5 I/O (Serial, keypad)
• Port E - 8 in (A/D, keypad)
• Two Additional I/O Ports (Single Chip Mode)
• Port B - 8 out
• Port C - 8 I/O
• Three Configurable Memory Sockets
• 28 - pin JEDEC 8K/32K BYTE
• Keyboard / SPI interface
• LCD interface (memory mapped)
• Bus Expansion Port w/ 7 Chip Selects
• 3 x 1.5" Solderless Prototype Area
• Supplied with 32K RAM, 8K EEPROM, DB-9 Serial Cable, MC68HC11 Manuals and DOS / Windows Utility Disks with Assembler, EEPROM programming, etc.
• Board Size: 5.5" x 6.0"
• Power Input: + 7 to +18VDC
• Current Consumption: 80ma Standard


Price: $120.00
Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 11 in × 7 in × 4 in