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CMM-5675 Development Board

CMM-5675 Development Board
SKU: CMM-5675
The CMM-5675 Development Board from Axiom Manufacturing is a fully featured application module based on the MPC5675K MCU.  The MPC5675K features dual, e200z7d Power Architecture© cores, which operate in either Lock-Step Mode for safety-critical applications or in Decoupled Parallel Mode for applications requiring maximum performance.  The operating mode is statically switchable under software control.  Software tools from multiple vendors provide a diverse and varied application development and debug eco-system.

The MPC5675K microcontroller is a 32-bit embedded controller designed for advanced driver assistance systems with RADAR, CMOS imaging, LIDAR and ultrasonic sensors, and multiple 3-phase motor control applications as in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) in automotive and high temperature industrial applications.

The CMM-5675 Development Board provides access to numerous on-chip peripherals; including, CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet, DDR Memory, and Serial UART.  Standard connectorization simplifies cabling to the CMM-5675 module.  Signals and peripherals not applied on-board are accessible on IO headers located along each edge of the module.  A 2.1mm barrel connector and optional terminal block make applying power easy.

Module Features:

  • MPC5675K MCU, 473 MAPBGA
    • Dual, e200z7d, 32-bit Power Architecture© Processor Cores
    • Harvard Architecture opertating up to 180 MHz
    • PPS & VLE Instruction Set support
    • 64-entry MMU
    • Safety-Critical Lock-Step Mode or High Performance Decoupled Parallel Mode Operation
    • Device Memory:  512 KB SRAM, 2 MB Code Flash, 64 KB Data Flash
    • On-Die Temperature Sensor
  • External Memory
    • DDR and EBI modes supported
    • 1GB Mobile DDR on-board
    • Buffered interface for access to EBI signals at IO headers
    • Software selectable DDR or EBI interface
  • Module Power
    • On-Board +5V, +3.3V, +1.8V Power Supplies
    • Optional, High-Precision Voltage Reference for MCU VREF Input (not populated)
    • 2.1mm, center-positive, barrel connector
    • Optional 3.5mm, 2-position, Terminal Block (not populated)
    • Reverse Polarity Protection at voltage input
  • 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet / IEEE 802.3 MII interface w/ RJ-45 Connector
  • 2 ea, FlexRay Transceivers on FRA & FRB; w/ 2-pos, Right-Angle, MicroBlade connectors
  • 2 ea, CAN Transceivers on CAN0 & CAN1; w/ 2-pos, Vertical, SPOX connectors
  • DUAL USB to Serial UART on SCI0 & SCI1
    • Enumerates as 2 Serial Ports when connected to a Windows PC
    • Native Windows support
    • USB, mini-B connector
    • Integrated SPI Flash to store Configuration Parameters
  • 14-pos, JTAG / 1149.1-2001Test Access Port connector supports software development and debug
  • User Input / Output
    • User Input Push-Button Switch on GPIO12
    • NMI Input Push-Button Switch on NMI input
    • 1 ea, Green LED on GPIO108
    • Red LED FCCU Output Indicator, Exclusive-OR’d to FAULT[1:0] outputs
  • IO Header access to unused MCU signals
    • 34 ch, 12-bit ADC configured in 4 Modules on-chip
    • 19-bit, Parallel Digital Interface (PDI), 16-bit Data, 3-bit Control
    • 2 ea DSPI Modules, DSPI0 & DSPI1
    • CAN2 & CAN3 Peripherals
    • 25 ch, FlexPWM output
    • 12 ch, Timer output
    • CLKOUT


Board Size 2.25 x 3.75 IN

Voltage Input: 5.5VDC to 24VDC

Price: $299.00
Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 1 in × 1 in × 1 in