CMM-5234NS-DEV - Low Cost Evaluation Module (M5234BCC) for the MCF5234

The CMM-5234NS-DEV is a low cost evaluation module in Business Card Controller (BCC) format or the Freescale MCF5234 Coldfire® microcontroller. A key feature is the National Semiconductor P83640T PHYTER® Ethernet PHY with embedded IEEE 1588 precision time protocol.Development kit application is quick and easy with the included Axiom CMM-5234NS module / application board, DB9 serial cable, Ethernet cable, 3rd party Demo Software, Freescale dBUG monitor, and GNU compiler and software tools. The BDM port is compatible with standard Coldfire® BDM / JTAG Low voltage development cables. The installed dBUG monitor software allows simple application debugging and development. 

  • MCF5234 CPU
    • 64K Byte Ram (on chip)
    • 8K Byte Cache Ram (on chip)
    • 16 Channel ETPU module
    • DMA Controllers w/ Timers
    • Interrupt Controller
    • QSPI, IIC, and CAN Serial Ports
    • 3 x SCI UART Ports with DMA capability
    • Edge / Interrupt Port
    • BDM / JTAG Port
    • 3.3V / 1.5V operation
    • Up to 150Mhz operation
  • 10/100TX Ethernet Port w/ NSC DP83640T PHY,IEEE 1588 capability, RJ45 Connector,3 Status Indicators, Auto connection detection.
  • 2M Byte Flash (16 bit, external)
  • 16M Bytes SDRAM (32 bit, external)
  • 25Mhz reference crystal, up to 100Mhz operation
  • MCU Port, 50 pin GPIO port w/ 1 x 1Mb CAN I/O
  • ETPU Port, 20 pins, 16 channels w/ +V supply
  • BUS Port, 34 pins, 64K Address, 8 bit Data Bus, 3 selects
  • BDM / JTAG Port, 26 Pins, development port.
  • COM Port (UART0) w/ RS232 DB9-S Ribbon Connector
  • CAN port w/ 1Mbaud transceiver, on MCU Port
  • RESET switch and indicator
  • ABORT (IRQ7) switch
  • Regulated +3.3V and +1.5V power supply w/ indicator
  • BCC kit supplied with DB9 Serial Cable, Cat 5E Ethernet cable, BDM Development Cable,Utility / Support CD, Manuals, and Universal Wall Adapter power supply.

Supplied with DB9 Serial Cable, Cat 5E Ethernet cable, Utility / Support CD, Manuals, and Universal Wall Adapter power supply.

  • Board Size 3.5” x 2.2 inches w/ 4 x #2 mounting holes
  • Power Input: +5 - +30VDC, 12VDC typical
  • Current Consumption: 120ma @ 12VDC input typical (100Mhz clock)

The CMM-5234-DEV is provided operating the Freescale dBUG monitor firmware. The monitor allows serial interface to a PC host for file loading and terminal command line operations. The support CD contains GNU Tool package, device data sheets, host PC utility software, and user manuals. The KIT is plug inand play out of the box with a wall adapter power supply. No additional hardware or software is required.


Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 6 in × 7 in × 3 in
Price: $265.00